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Please note we are working on the implementation of changing our name to Universidad Ana G. Méndez for all our administrative, academic and student processes, including all sections of our website.

Student Services

asuntos estudiantiles

The Employment Center of the Ana G. Méndez University - Carolina is a service bureau, committed to promoting occupational development and interest in entrepreneurship as an alternative employability. 

The Employment Center:

  • Encourages self-employment and contributes to the socioeconomic development of Puerto Rico
  • Presents alternatives to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit of our students and community.
  • Promotes business development through a variety of services aimed at participants to acquire techniques of self-employment.
  • Promotes career development and employability, providing tools for students and community.

Job Opportunities 

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The Employment Center aims to strengthen the development component careers, relationships with employers and placements, by integrating strategies that promote student positioning and the external community in the workplace.


Our services to our students

  • Access to bank employers 
  • Access to job offers 
  • Review or assistance in drafting resumes 
  • Review or assistance in the preparation of letters and professional portfolios 
  • Referrals to job interviews 
  • Access to guidance, interviews, lectures and job fairs by employers interested in recruiting 
  • Development of workshops and trainings on: 
    • writing resumes
    • conducting a job interview
    • business etiquette
    • professional portfolio
    • preparing for the workplace, etc.
  • Coordination of interviews with the Scholarships and Internships Program (need to meet requirements)
  • Coordination of occupational counseling services, career choices and goal settings. 


Employment Orientations 

The Employment Center of the Ana G. Méndez University - Carolina provides assistance to all those interested in seeking employment. They are held by the Center's Placements Officer, Angela L. López Martínez, every Thursday, at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., in the Employment Center's Training Room. 

During the orientation, participants will be informed of the employability services offered by the Employment Center, for students and community members. After a brief interview your resume will be reviewed. We recommend bringing your resume in digital format. The orientation lasts approximately 40 minutes and is a requirement to be part of the Employment Center's Talent Pool. For more information, call 787-257-7373 Ext. 2225.


Business and Entrepreneurship 

Employment Center of the Ana G. Méndez University - Carolina  has a ​​Business Development Component, where we offer guidance and trainings on topics related to self-employment, entrepreneurship and business development. With the commitment to promote self-employment and contributes to the socioeconomic development of Puerto Rico, we present alternatives to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of our students and community, by offering an attractive variety of services.


  • Guidance and advice in the development and establishment of new companies 
  • Guidance on laws and regulations 
  • Stabilization and expansion of existing businesses 
  • Business Trainings: 
    • Business Ideas 
    • Business Plan 
    • Finance 
    • Permits 
    • Marketing Plan 
    • Business Etiquette 
    • Exports 
    • Sources of Funding 
    • Using the Internet 
    • Twitter for Business 
    • Marketing in Social Media 
  • Assistance in:
    • Writing a Business Plan 
    • Marketing Plan 
    • Financing Plan 
    • Applicable Permits 
    • Governmental regulations 
    • Market Analysis 
    • Access to our business partners and consultants 

For more information, call 787-257-7373 Ext. 2246. 



As part of the Employment Center service structure, we have collaborative partnerships that strengthen our services aimed at promoting the professional and business development of our participants.

Department of Labor and Human Resources of Puerto Rico(DTRH)
A government agency aimed at promoting the welfare of the working class and the best conditions of life and work through the implementation of protective labor legislation and maintaining industrial peace; contribute to combating unemployment and ensuring development and optimal utilization of human resources, managing the employment of unemployed and underemployed, and increasing the employability of these. Its mission is to establish and manage public policy on the laws that protect workers and programs for education, training and development of human resources; and promote labor peace for true and real effective partnership between employers and the workforce.
Link: www.dtrh.gobierno.pr 

Office of Youth Affairs (OAJ)
A government program of the Department of Economic Development of Puerto Rico agency. Its mission is to ensure the implementation of the Public Policy of the Government of Puerto Rico. Account the aspirations and goals of youth, ages 13-29 years, through the coordination of direct services, immediately, accessible and efficient, with the cooperation of public agencies, private entities, citizenship and active participation of young people, to promote the integral development of youth.
Link: www.oaj.gobierno.pr 

Corporation for Enterprise Trade Finance and Communities (COFECC)
The Corporation for Enterprise Trade Finance and Communities (COFECC) is a private, nonprofit organization, founded in 1982. COFECC offers a variety of financial products, services and programs such as: Microloan, 504, Rural and Access. They also developed a Business SWAT program to rescue businesses in crisis, including “Siemprexitosas” a program to rescue women who receive government assistance.
Link: www.cofecc.info

Puerto Rico Manufacturing Extensions (PRIMEX)
A nonprofit organization, established in 1996 through the initiative between the Corporation of Puerto Rico Industrial Development (PRIDCO) and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), under the program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). As part of a national network of service, PRIMEX supports the development of small and medium enterprises in Puerto Rico (SMEs) by providing services to improve their business processes within the manufacturing industry.
Link: www.primexpr.org 

ENACTUS Ana G. Méndez University - Carolina
ENACTUS is a nonprofit organization that unites academics and business leaders to work projects that impact communities both in Puerto Rico and internationally, creating leaders with social responsibility and improving the quality of life of people. ENACTUS also encourage students of the Ana G. Méndez University - Carolina to invest their free time doing community service with social, economic and environmental impact.

The Polk County School District
A public-private partnership with the Polk County School District in the State of Florida, which aims to combine efforts to recruit teachers and specialized administrative personnel interested in starting a career in ​​education.
Link: www.polk-fl.net 

Small Business Administration (SBA)
An independent federal government agency that helps US advises assists and protects the interests related to small business; free competition preserves, maintains and strengthens the economy of the nation. It has a portfolio of business loans, loan guarantees and venture capital instruments.
Link: www.sba.gov/espanol 

Santana Enterprises
A local company that provides food services to the aviation industry, hospitals, air cargo services and hotel management. It also operates a private aircraft terminal at Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Link: www.empresassantana.com 

Small and Medium Enterprises (ASOPYMES)
A non-profit organization that promotes growth and support enterprises SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). It responds to the needs of micro, small and medium enterprises to have the support and guidance needed in order to compete in the global market today. Link: www.asopymes.org 

Microfinanzas Puerto Rico 
An entity, part of a group of micro-finance institutions, that aim to contribute in people’s access to financial services. The Corporation states a new model of knowledge and business through a synergy between universities, communities, nonprofit organizations and personalized treatment of their business advisors. Using specialized products and services and methodology according to the needs and circumstances of the most disadvantaged entrepreneurs, Microfinance Puerto Rico successfully solves the obstacles that may be in traditional banking.
Link: www.microfinanzaspr.com


CIEE, La revista

Considering the technological advances and the ease which we can access information via computer, tablet or mobile, CIEE, La revista was born. A digital magazine designed for our students, future professionals and members of our community. CIEE, La reivsta, underscores our commitment to meet the most innovative and interactive elements through which we share with our students and readers valuable information on strategies, trends and tools aimed at the business and occupational development. Our magazine also has an ongoing collaboration with our academy, alliances and internal and external resources, which share their knowledge in employment, technology and business topics. 

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